5/5-5/9 London, England

Nate booked the trip from Leeds to London excited about the cheap price of a £6 train ticket. That train ended up being a bus, but only added an hour and a half to an otherwise smooth journey. 

We explored the city with the aid of our friend Dan, who’s working in London for the next 5 months. He showed us some unique spots around London that we would have otherwise missed. 

First night we saw the musical Kinky Boots
Adrian looking pretty at Borough Market
Nate was so excited about going to Borough Market he even brought his own spoon!
We were so excited to meet up with Dan that we HAD to have a celebratory drink or two…
Open top bus tour in London! Very touristy but Adrian refused to leave until we did one.
Turns out the clock tower isn’t Big Ben at all, but the bell inside the tower. Raise your hand if you feel like you’ve been lied to 🙋
the London Eye
Dan led us on a mission to find this Banksy work.
… and also a ping pong bar. Wasn’t Nate’s strongest night
Camden Lock for street market dinner and drinks

Got a good spot on the lock to end our night
We experienced our first Cricket match. We watched three batsman over three hours and when we left the score was a hundred and something to zero. Still confused about what we witnessed but had a good time in the sun
After cricket we walked around Regence Park. Londoners know how to appreciate a nice day
All aboard! Next stop Paris!

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