After Paris we took a train down to a very green southern France, where Nate’s grandparents Fleur and Mike live in a small town called Argentat.

They showed us a glimpse of their life on the Maronne River, where they fill the days cooking, playing music, and hanging out with friends. We also got to check out their new house in town that they’ve been renovating for the past few months and will soon be moving into.

The first day, Mike gave us a walking tour of Argentat. Here’s the main river, the Dordogne.

Entering their soon-to-be home
A bit of a work in progress!

Coffee on the River, where Mike plays music during the summer
This is a freaking wind turbine blade. They are somehow dragging a bunch of these through windy roads to build turbines at the top of the hill.
Mike and Fleur’s house on the Maronne. Not a bad front yard…
Had delicious lunch and drinks at friends Venetia and Johans’ home
An awesome castle which we forget the name of unfortunately
On day 2 we drove up to the hills to take in views in Salers
“Princess Buttercup!” (name the movie..)
Stopped to chat with Mike and Fleur’s friend Marina on the way back. Also got to feed the 2 giant horses in her yard
Evening fly fishermen in the Maronne

8 thoughts on “Moving South: Argentat

  1. The photos you are taking are just fabulous. I’m going to give up photography and just look at the pictures you’re taking between you.

    That castle picture should be printed out large and hung on a wall. In fact,

  2. Nice – guys we are all living vicariously through you travels. It looks like you guys are having a great time. Thank you — ~jm

  3. This was an amazing post, Really felt like I was there! I agree w/ the previous comment, theses photos are exceptional!

  4. That front yard has a nice little Spikeball arena! Maybe the 2 horses can be the third and fourth for a quick game? I am a little behind on your posts but I am thoroughly enjoying them. Great pictures.

    1. I know! Haven’t seen one game of spike yet. I’m disappointed in the company’s international efforts…

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