Cerro, Italy 5/14 – 5/17

🎼 Maggioreeee

Will you be home to me

Can I climb all your peaks

And rest under your trees…

After an 18 hour travel day capped off by a 45 minute midnight walk from the train station, we finally landed in Nate’s uncle’s flat in the town of Cerro on Lake Maggiore.

Only one of Cerro’s 5 shops and restaurants were open on our first day, an Italian holiday, so we just strolled along the lake and got our bearings. That evening Simon set us up with a second bike allowing us to explore the rest of the lake for the next week.

(Maggiore song written by Nate and Adrian)

Although there were no open markets in Cerro on our first day, a bottle of Italian wine with our dinner was a must! Luckily, the waitress at the one open restaurant came to the rescue providing us with a wine-to-go jug.
The view of the Alps and Pre-Alps (apparently a thing) from Laveno Mombello, the “big” town nearest Cerro.
Ferry spotting
We went up the funivia aka the bucket lift, with Adrian yelling at Nate any time he moved afraid that the bucket would drop!
View from the top! Scary bucket lift was well worth the yelling.
wine + beer + mountains + lakes = happy campers 😀
We climbed to the peak of Sasso del Ferro and watched a paraglider set up and take flight.



Nate getting a trendy Italian cut in Laveno Mombello.
The following day brought some thunderstorms, but it made for a beautiful sunset in the evening.

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  1. Was it hard to tell the hair dresser how you wanted him to cut your hair? Or did he speak English? I’m sure it looks great though, unless that’s the reason you’ve been wearing your East Bay hat in so many pictures!

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